Latest Version: 1.0 Code Refresh 03

A New Open-Source Office Suite for Windows in Liberty BASIC



- Code refresh 3 has been released! Go to Source for the latest source!

- Liberty Point and Liberty Web go into development. Basic source-codes should be availible with Code Refresh 3.

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Welcome to the home page of the Liberty Office project! This project is an attempt to write an office suite in Liberty BASIC, a very powerful programming language for Windows.

The project will consist of the following components:

  • Liberty Word
    An RTF/text editor
  • Liberty Spread
    A simple spreadsheet program
  • Liberty Point
    A simple presentation program
  • Liberty Base
    A simple database program
  • Liberty Web
    A non-visual HTML editor

    The project will be open-source - available to anyone with Liberty BASIC 4 or newer. In fact, any Liberty BASIC developer can join the project!

    This program is still in its early stages of development. Please check back here later for updates.


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