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A New Open-Source Office Suite for Windows in Liberty BASIC


The Liberty Office project was started by the Liberty BASIC community in 2006 to create a free and open-source office suite in Liberty BASIC, a powerful programming language for Windows development. Liberty BASIC has years of experience and a very large community, so we hope that the project will be a success.

The project is divided into a set of programs:

  • Liberty Word - a simple text editor that works with RTF files
  • Liberty Spread - a simple spreadsheet program
  • Liberty Point - a simple presentation program
  • Liberty Base - a simple database
  • Liberty Web - a non-visual HTML editor; we plan to make it visual later on in the project's lifetime

    Each of these components are written in Liberty BASIC and use tools provided to the Liberty BASIC community.

  • Liberty Word Liberty Word is a simple free program for writing documents. It provides the basic functionality of WordPad in a new interface.
  • Liberty Point is included in this code refresh.
  • Liberty Web is a non-visual HTML editor.

    All other components are currently not in development as of now.


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