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A New Open-Source Office Suite for Windows in Liberty BASIC


Here are some features of Liberty Office:

  • Liberty Office is a compact office suite that won't waste dial-up users' time downloading
  • Liberty Office uses little memory and hard disk space
  • Liberty Office is freely open source, meaning that you can examine the source code and see how we did it
  • All the basic editing tools of each module are provided
  • The interface is familiar, so you can get started right away
  • It's easy for new computer users to learn because it doesn't have many full-blown features
  • The project is backed by a large community, so we're always here to help and take requests

    Here are some features of Liberty Word, the word processor in Liberty Office:

  • Edits RTF and TXT files, very commonly used file formats
  • Supports many different font formats
  • Supports colors
  • Undo/redo provided


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